Therapeutic Massage



Therapeutic massage differs from a relaxation massage in that the goal is different and that dictates the type of treatment.


In a relaxation massage, the goal is to relax the body and the muscles and typically the entire body is treated.  Often the treatment is very soothing and clients can fall asleep.


In a therapeutic massage, the goal is to release tension, adhesions and/or restrictions within the muscle, fascia or other tissues and restore range of

motion, functionality and health to the tissues in question. This means that the treatment will be focused on the tissues affected and those that may be compensating. In most cases, a brief treatment of the opposite side will begin the session as this allows me to compare the condition of the tissues on the unaffected side as well as to provide some general relaxation to the affected side prior to working on it through a process called contralateral relaxation.  Due to the nature of treating affected tissues, it is not uncommon for the treatment to be uncomfortable.  The goal is not to cause pain, but in order to release restrictions, it may cause some discomfort.  Clear communication from the client about acceptable levels of pressure are key to achieving the goal of release without causing undue pain.


My therapeutic massage includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Neuromuscular depending on what the tissue requires at the time. It can also include the use of other modalities such as vibration therapy, acupuncture including electric stimulation and the use of topical agents to help ease the tissues after the treatment.