Mouthwork - Intraoral massage



A surprising source of tension for many people is the mouth and often the first time they realize they have a problem, it may be in the dentist chair where they are told they are clenching or grinding their teeth.  Sometimes they are told by their dentist or doctor that they have TMJ (Temporal-Mandibular Joint disfunction). Often, headaches are what lead them to seek treatment and it is coming from tight jaw and mouth issues.


Using a vinyl glove (latex is not used due to the high incidence of allergic reactions) treatment to the muscles beneath the cheekbones, those in the cheeks and then those in the bottom of mouth are the primary focus.  Additionally as needed, treatment can include the hard and soft palate, individual teeth and other structures including the tongue.


Once release has occurred in the mouth, then neck muscles, jaw and face are all assessed and treated as needed.


Immediate reduction in neck tension is a frequent result of this treatment. Alleviation and reduction of headaches is common.


Unlike dental procedures, the treatment relies on your body to indicate where to apply pressure and how much and for how long. In other words, rather than an invasive feeling, this is often one of invitation where your mouth allows and guides me to where it needs attention. While a very odd sensation, it can have tremendous results.