Treating Babies, Infants
and Children


You might be thinking why would my baby, infant or child need to see a massage therapist?

There are many things that massage and/or Cranio-sacral therapy can help with: sinus and ear infections, bronchial infections, teething issues, latching and breastfeeding difficulties, and many others. A complete health history including pre-natal and birth experiences can provide clues to what may be causing these issues.


While children are very flexible and seem to brush off minor falls or sport related injuries, these can set them up for later issues if not dealt with before they set into the tissues. This is especially true if they are involved in sports which can embed the injury further and cause compensations from surrounding tissues as they "play thru the pain".  As they grow, these minor compensations and adhesions can lead to structural issues.


An initial visit lasting 30 minutes includes an assessment, establishing a relationship with your child and whatever treatment your child is comfortable with. Future appointments length and frequency will be determined by the response to the initial treatment.


Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the treatment sessions.


Please note that while I have a 24 hours cancellation policy this is suspended with babies, infants and children.


If you have any questions about whether massage and/or Cranio-Sacral therapy could be a viable option for your baby, infant or child, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Baby & Infant Massage


Give your baby the lifelong
benefits of nurturing touch.
Learn infant massage!


The relationship between parents/caregivers and baby is enhanced and strengthened through the nurturing touch of infant massage. Parent’s often find that their baby sleeps better, fusses less, and gains more weight, when massaged regularly. I teach a gentle and loving baby massage that has many benefits for both parents/caregivers and children.


Massage is ideally taught at your home with up to 4 adults and one infant.  Your baby will determine how much hands-on time they actually want during this session which is ok because they are always in charge of how much massage they want. I bring a portable massage table so that everyone can comfortably work at a height that won’t put strain on their backs. The best time to schedule this training is 30 minutes after your baby has been fed.


During the one-hour session each adult is provided with a stuffed animal or doll to represent the baby and will be led through the basics of massage with full description of the techniques. Practicing on the doll/stuffed animal along with correction as needed helps to reinforce what to do when the baby is ready for massage.


Does your new baby have older siblings and do you want them to have a chance to massage baby too? No problem, I can adapt some of the easier techniques and show them how to touch their little brother or sister with love, care and intent. This can lead to an even closer sibling relationship and may help the older child to feel involved in the caregiving.


Call me directly to discuss the options that work best for you and your family.