CranioSacral Massage Therapy (CST)



Based on osteopathic techniques and using feedback from the tissues that I can feel with my hands;  I use CranioSacral Massage Therapy (CST) to help relieve long held tensions, tissue restrictions as well as trapped injuries embedded in the body.


While the term CranioSacral would lead one to believe that the treatment will be restricted to the head, that is in fact a misnomer as the focus of the feedback in the body comes from the spinal cord and the nervous system.

This is why the therapy was named CranioSacral - referring to the structures between the Cranium (skull) and the Sacrum (base of spine).  Often treatments begin at the feet as that is usually an easy detection location to determine where the restrictions are most pronounced. Treatment can be on any part of the body where the restriction is encountered.


If the treatment focus is exclusively CST then the client remains clothed as the techniques do not require the use of lotion. However, often CST is incorporated during any treatment as the body requires it. This integrative approach to providing the body with the treatment modalities it requires as needed is one of the reasons my treatments are felt to be very effective by my clients.


When there has been a very severe injury the body, especially one where there was a twist or cross-body impact (like a car accident or a difficult birth), the tissues need to be manipulated in several directions at one time. That is when I would recommend what is known as a multihand treatment. In this type of session, I am joined by Ramona Ng, a senior CST trained therapist who works with me to allow the body to release these multiple directional adhesions.