My Philosophy:


Experience, trust, results


Massage is not a passive act where you lie on the table and I perform various treatment techniques on your body.  It is a joint effort that requires both of us committed to restoring your body to its optimum level of health and functionality. Yes, my knowledge and experience are key elements, but your willingness to get well, your commitment to your self-care (stretches, exercises, etc) and our working relationship are necessary elements.


The partnership between Massage Therapist and patient is an intimate relationship. You and I need to be a good fit to enable a trusting relationship to develop which will enhance your treatment's effectiveness. If you don't feel comfortable with my treatment approach, my techniques, my knowledge or my touch then you are not going to be able to fully engage in the treatments.

The initial treatment is an interview; for both of us.  I am interviewing you to find out all that I can about your past health history, the challenges you are dealing with now and your goals for treatment and beyond.  I am going to ask you all sorts of questions that may not seem relevant to your current complaint, but may be an underlying condition that is causing part of the issue.  I don't look just at the issue you came in with today, but at your entire health history - minor injuries can lay the foundation for major restrictions or ongoing issues later on.  You should be interviewing me to determine if I am the right therapist to help you achieve those goals. This will form the basis of our relationship.


If we are a good fit, then one of the key elements as we proceed through your treatments is communication. Continued sharing of what is happening with your health, the changes you are experiencing as a result of the treatment, the self-care or anything else that is impacting your health. Each treatment will start out with a brief update on how you felt both the day after the last treatment and in the time since then. The more information you provide, the better we can tailor your treatments.


A saying that I really love in the context of health is "it takes a village". My approach is a collaborative one. If I do not have the skill you need to achieve your goals, I won't hesitate to refer you to another health care professional with those skills.


Working together, your optimum health and functionality is within reach!